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Excelente tutorial de como hacer un patrón tres remeras.

Un patrón - tres remeras esto es de el blog "Sewing The Littleheart Collection"  AQUI

Now that Littleheart's summer wardrobe is more than complete, I have been working on a few pieces for myself. At first I was a little intimidated about sewing for me, but I have found that it is actually really fun, especially when you are on a budget and can't go out shopping whenever you feel like it. You just imagine what you would like to wear and try it out!
After looking around for inspiration, I came up with three shirts I could make out of a single pattern! Each shirt starts out with the same one pattern, which gets altered for each design. In the next couple of weeks I will show you how to make each one of these shirts. If you are size Medium you are welcome to download my basic pattern. If not I will show you how to draft your own, it is not hard.

Update: I have now posted all of the tutorials for the shirts above. This is where you can find them:
Pleated Neck Shirt
Shirred Front Shirt
Pintucked Shoulder Shirt 

Basic Shirt Pattern for three Shirts

Find a T-shirt that fits you well, I would not use a tight fitting T-shirt, better one that fits loosely (but not too loose). Lay it out and trace your bodice. 

Make two pieces, one with the front neckline and one with the back neckline. The back will stay as is for all three shirts.

Now take your front and tape the "fold" side to a new piece of paper (onto the right side of the paper). Draw a line to the left, starting at the bottom of the neckline. The line should be 5.5 inches long.
Now connect the end of your line with the bottom corner of your front bodice, making an extra triangle. Cut around the triangle. 

You now have your basic front bodice piece for the three shirts.
I have uploaded two different sleeve options for these shirts here, both will work with all three shirts. Here is a short tutorial on how to fit in each one of the sleeve options:

Regular gathered sleeve:

1. Fold the straight side of the sleeve over 1/4 an inch and then again 1/4 an inch. Press in place. Stitch across.
2. Sew the short ends of the sleeves right sides together.
3. Gather your sleeves and pin them to the armholes. Sew the sleeves on. Finish the edges if you like.

Half Sleeve:

1. Fold the straight side of the sleeve over 1/4 an inch and then again 1/4 an inch. Press in place. Stitch across.
2. Sew the short ends of the sleeves right sides together. 
3. Gather your sleeves on the rounded part (so not at the beginning and not at the end).
4. Sew the sleeves onto the shirt, they should fit around the top of the shoulder, but they don't go all the way down to the underarm. Make sure the distance between the seam where the sleeve is sewn together and the start of the sleeve is the same on both sides (the first shirt I made had lopsided sleeves!).
5. Fold over the part under the sleeve that is left and stitch in place.

(Se que esta en ingles pero vale la pena el esfuerzo esta muy simple y bien explicado en las fotos vale la pena el esfuerzo ademas es una genial idea para el guardarropas de verano tomar una remera que nos queda genial pero ya no conseguimos y hacer con esta el molde y de ahí mil remeras que nos queden geniales en lo personal tengo una que me encanta como me queda pero la pobre esta mal trecha y no he conseguido otra exactamente igual por tal motivo la voy a duplicar y no solo como remera si la hacen mas larga puede ser un vestido para los días mas cálidos que les parece  quien se anima )
Un abrazo espero lo disfruten.

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